These are some strategys if your stuck on Super Mario World, although these may not help on a Hack as most of them are level based.

Easy 1ups and level skippingEdit

3up Moon On Island

A Three up mushroom in yoshi island 1.

So most people have heard of level skipping where you fly over every level, although this may be cut out in hacks, anyway so if you level skip in a previous level you can get to a three up mushroom, that level being Yoshi's Island One.If you keep going to donut plains one and getting a cape then going to Yoshi's Island One you can get a lot of one ups!

Easy 1ups and Top Secret AreaEdit

On the first ghost house (that isn't a secret house) use a cape to fly up above the very beggining to where the boos are, then walk across the beam and into the door, you will be greeted by a goal post, but it wasnt a shortcut, its the first secret ghost house you will encounter, hitting the post will take you to the Top Secret Area where you can get 2 fire flowers, 2 capes and a yoshi! So the Easy 1ups and level skipping is easier as you can always get the cape from there!

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